Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's summer. yay!!!!

I've been working at the Quality Inn in Leavenworth, but I think I'm going to quit tomorrow. I'm not getting enough hours and it's too stressful. There are too many complaints and I don't like dealing with mad people when there is nothing I can do. Also, they just don't have enough people on staff at a time usually. I just don't like it very much..and I've never quit a job before. I got hired at Sleeping Lady the other day...then that same day I got a call from Safeway about openings at the Deli and Starbucks. Also, the owner of Kris Kringle called. And the Soup Cellar called. So now I'm not sure what to do! Also, I applied at Copper Creek and they'll probably start doing interviews this week. I need to find out how many hours each one would give me and the pay... Soup Cellar is probably the best because I would get tips and I worked there over Christmas, so I won't have to learn a new system or anything.!!! They are just kind of annoying when you can't get full time anywhere..! Paul got it good at the Pizza Co. Only 6 hour shifts and $50 in tips every night = awesome. I admit, I was jealous! I start at Sleeping Lady on Tuesday...hopefully it will be fun!