Saturday, July 04, 2009

Yesterday, Rachel and I hiked Mount Stuart! It was beautiful! It's a nine mile hike round trip, but definitely worth it. I love this hike because it's not all straight uphill all the time, and it's pretty shady. There is a meadow area just before you get to the lake, and the mountain is like right there. So cool! It's so pretty especially with the snow still on the mountains. We had to used about a half a bottle of bug spray, and I still have tons of bites! And my ankle is all swollen from one too, which has never happened before. And I have bites on my head! But nature is so amazing...God's creation is amazing! And I haven't even seen that much of it!

This hike was a really nice break. A good break from work, and wedding planning, and a relationship issue I've been having with someone. Lately, I've really been learning a lot about how to deal with manipulation, and it's just not very fun. But I think it's good for me...and I think this year God has been trying to teach me to be a stronger person. I think part of becoming a stronger person is learning to stand up for yourself and for what is right (not that I'm always right!), and learning to confront issues and people honestly but in love, and for the purpose of reconciliation. Confrontation is definitely not my favorite thing to do, and sometimes things get worse before they get better. But if you never try, then they're guarenteed not to get better! So, it's definitely worth it in the long run. It's like cleaning the's just something that has to be done. And the end result, after the long dreary process, is a great communion with the shiny clean toilet seat! So worth it, right?

Anyway! Paul will be home in exactly two weeks!!! It's about time, really. I just can't wait to pick him up at the airport, and for him to just be here. Can't wait.................................

Tomorrow is 4th of July, and my dad got the idea of going to a "tea party" in Seattle. I guess it's basically a taxes protest...which, I must say, it's justified. I don't want me or anyone else having to pay money for "global warming," and even more disturbing, I don't want my money going to the new homosexual education system that's being put in schools, to teach kindergartener's about homosexuality. That's just not fair. So I will "protest" since, at least for now, this is a free country! :)