Thursday, October 01, 2009

airband, macy's, and mawidge

Valerie and I had our airband tryout tonight. I'm not sure what to think of how it went. Everyone else seemed really happy about it, but I feel kind of neutral about it. The judges didn't really seem to go WILD about it when we finished, so I think it will be a close call. I think we do have an advantage against the other Jai Ho (We are doing Jai Ho, the song at the end of Slum Dog Millionaire) team, but I'm more nervous that neither of us will get in. I'm not sure how many people have tried out either...I just hope we get in! It would be so special!!! We should find out in about two hours, so I'm excited and nervous for it. I want to know, but I'm scared to know! Anyway, it has been really fun this year doing airband, and there has been much less (or zero) drama compared to other years I've participated, so that's a major bonus.

In other news, I started my first "real" day at Macy's today! The past two days have just been watching DVD's, and going through computer CD's about Macy's, so it was fun to actually work. It's nice to work, even if it is just a simple task, and feel useful! I started at 7 am (which means I got up 5:30 am) and worked til noon. Basically, they had me tearing down displays and setting them up in other areas of the store and in different ways. I worked in the accessories department, so I was setting up displays of ear muffs, tons of scarves, umbrellas, hats, gloves, etc. Most of this I was doing while the store hadn't even opened yet, so it was nice to just be able to talk to my coworkers. It wasn't stressful, and I really enjoyed it! So far, things are looking up!

In other, other news, today Paul and I have been married for exactly two months! So I thought I'd do a little reflection on marriage so far. "Mawidge...mawidge is what brings us together." Yes, I think the priest in Princess Bride is correct. Marriage does bring us together. We're together almost all the time, when we wake up, through part of the day, the evenings, during meals, and then yes, we sleep together. We're married. Even if we aren't together for most of a day, we are together because we always talk about our day, so it's like we were together even though we weren't! I'm so glad I married a man I never get sick of! Yes, there are some rare times when I can get annoyed with him, but sick of? That doesn't happen, and I'm gonna try for it to stay that way!
The other thing I wanted to say about marriage is just how wonderful it is to have that one person that knows you so well, and is always there, supporting you, and encouraging you through things--there through the fun times and the sad times...through all my emotions! Just being loved unconditionally, for who you really are--successes and failings. Everything. There is just an immense freedom, knowing you can be a complete dork, say whatever you feel, completely and truely just BE YOURSELF, without thinking about any expectations or what others think. In a way, it's safety. There's no shame.
I think one of the most important things in marriage is mutual respect. It's respect that makes you consider the other person before you do something. It's respect that makes you apologize. Respect brings you to help the other person. Respect, I think is even what motivates interest in the other person. It's not like the other person has to do something amazing to get respect, but I think respect should first just generally be given because we are human beings. We have feelings, we have minds, we have dreams. I think just respecting each other in their own uniqueness--the way they think, they way they communicate, the heart they have--respecting everything about brings so much goodness into marriage!
So, those are some of my reflections on marriage so far. I love Paul so much! We are on a journey...