Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hello world.

hello world.

I thought I would post an entry to reward myself for completing a homework assignment. So here it is--yay!

I've kinda been lacking in the motivation area lately. But, you know, there is a season for work, and, darn it, there is a season for doing nothing productive whatsoever!!!! That's my paraphrase for Ecclesiastes. And even if that's not really in there, God created a Sabbath day, okay??!!? Yes, and maybe some people don't believe in Sabbaths anymore, but really, that general concept came from God. So there.

But yeah. Sometimes in life you've got to make choices. And homework does not always come first, okay people!??!?!? Sometimes you've got to make choices, and lately when I've got some options playing ping pong in my head, I've been asking myself this question to get them settled down: Which option is going to make the best memory? Like, am I even going to remember doing the stuff that seems so important now, in a year from now? If not, I'm tempted to say, "Well, screw it!" But we can't screw everything because then we'd get kicked out of college, and blah, blah, blah.

But! I believe that we shouldn't pass things up that will make memories for things that won't. Some things you don't get the opportunity to do every day, so you've got to make sacrifices in that day so you can experience the out of the ordinary! We've got to think about the future! What will we look back on and remember?

Procrastination gets a bad rap in a lot of ways. I'm sure there are people with serious issues, but generally I think people who procrastinate just realize that something more important came up.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

don't worry, it's not you!

There exists a particular person whom, when I am in this person's presence, I find myself feeling unbearably annoyed. When this person speaks, I find myself visualizing a substance, similar to a mixture of tree sap and melted gummy bears, drip out of her mouth and smear all over my body. There is nothing I can do as the goo continues to crawl out of her mouth, the stickiness clogging even the air.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this will make you smile

If you haven't already seen it...


I watched it yesterday, when it had 3 million views...today it has 9 million and is on the front page of msnbc news.

I love this lady!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet your Meat

I know this video is really hard to watch, but it will change your life. Paul and I rented this in the DVD version from the library over break...it was like 15 minutes long. I'm glad it wasn't any longer. I've never considered myself a full vegetarian, but now I'm finding myself unable to eat meat even if I tried. It's just so sad. I'm not even a real animal lover. But these animals are God's creation. God created them even before he created humans. And he has placed them under our stewardship. I'm not saying it is wrong to eat meat. But I do believe it is wrong to mistreat animals as this video displays. Even if they are going to be killed for meat, they shouldn't be tortured until their death.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

can't sleep

I can't sleep. Mong mong mong...that's the sound of my brain's feelings. It's not even that late. Last week I was staying up until 2:30am because I wasn't tired. Now I am tired, but can't sleep. It's weird how you can control most things about yourself, and your body, but you can't always make yourself fall asleep. It's Pandora time now. Maybe I can lull myself to sleep. Sigh. Music is good.

I haven't written for a long time. How sad. I miss being in a writing class. Freelance isn't really a writting class to me. We don't always get to write what we want to. Articles feel stifling to me sometimes. It's not as free. Plus, I believe my work is not as quality in this class. I know my work is completely my responsibility, but it's tempting in this class to turn in work that isn't my best just because we're not really being graded on quality. (We're graded on revision process and having a market.) The grade will be virtually the same no matter the quality. So I get lazy. Not good! I don't like to see my writing and know it's not my best. It's time I write for myself though, not who's reading it. It is easier to write well under pressure, I think. I need to learn to pressure myself.