Monday, August 31, 2009

Snow White

Introducing my new lappy! It is an Acer Netbook. It's 11.6" and less than 3 pounds! I love it! My old computer died a while ago, so we decided to buy this with some of our wedding money. Only $349.99 and way better than my old huge laptop was. I love this because it is so portable, but it still has a full size keyboard. It is actually on the big side for a netbook since it has a full size keyboard, but I think it's perfect this way...not to big, but not to small. It's pretty exciting. :D

In other news, I confessed to Satterlee that I only read two of the twelve books...and I was relieved to hear his response: "Two books is better than none." Yay! So I don't think it's a big deal, which is such a relief. Sigh. :)

I've filled out applications for Tree of Life, and Starbucks so far. I'll probably turn them in tomorrow, if their managers are in. I like having the manager actually see my face when I apply places, so I'm not just a piece of paper when they consider me. :)

It's been so fun setting up the apartment with Paul! I put new shelf liner on in the kitchen and put some cute wallpaper up. It's a lot of work though! I don't have it all done, but getting closer. Our kitchen sink has a little leak that maintenance hasn't fixed yet...other than that, it's been pretty nice! I love having our own place! And I love my "roommate"!!! :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taylor Bound

Paul and I leave Leavenworth the day after tomorrow! Can't wait to get to Taylor, and set up our apartment. I'm excited for our last five months at Taylor. I'm taking Shakespeare! It's pretty much my only real class. I have my senior project, Parnassus, and Senior Seminar--they are all just one credit. And I need to find a job! I think I will apply at Paynes, Starbucks, and Tree of Life for starters. We will see.

Wow, I just realized that we won't be getting to Taylor as late in the night as I thought! Yay! We will be arriving around 2 or 3am, but I thought the time change would be working against us, when really it will be working for us! It will only feel like 11 or 12 at night. Cool beans. (Or hot beans! As Rachel would say!)

I didn't read everything I was supposed to this summer for my senior project. I think I only finished like two books! I'm scared to tell Satterlee! And I still don't know what I'm doing exactly for my project...yikes. I need to return all my unread and overdue library books to the Leavenworth library. They are sending me a new notice like every day, it seems like! I know it will all come's just kind of nerve racking not having anything together right now...... I'm all the senior project advisors require 12 books to be read over the summer??? (Housholder?) I'm I screwed for not doing it?!?

Well, this very eventful summer is basically over now. Farwell, summer of 2009! You were wonderful.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life is changing!

Last time I posted, Paul wasn't even here yet--wow! SO much has happened!

Paul got baptized on July 30th in the river with his mom and dad, and a friend named
Andy. They each shared their testimony beforehand, and it was a
really awesome time since there were many people there for the wedding that hadn't heard them before. Many people were moved by Paul's testimony, one of which was my grandpa who
isn't saved yet. I love my grandpa very much; please pray that he will become a Christian before he dies!

The next day was our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! The rehearsal dinner was in
the park, and we had a Contra dance! We weren't able to have dancing at the wedding, so this was kind of our reception except the day before. We decided to do a Contra dance instead
of having a DJ, so that everyone could be included in the dancing!

Then, August 1st was our wedding day. :) We LOVED it! We decided to do the pictures beforehand and have a "first vision," which I'm really glad we did. I started out pretty against it, thinking that it would make the ceremony less exciting. But it didn't make it any less exciting, and it made the day a lot less stressful. I wasn't really very stressed at all, which was awesome! During the ceremony, we washed each other's feet as a symbol of Eph. 5:21 "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." And also, we decided to do it to show each other that we want to love each other the way Christ loves us--unconditionally! I didn't think I was going to cry, but just as we were all lining up to walk down the aisle, I just couldn't stop the tears from flowing! I wasn't even sad, I guess just emotional. Happy tears are good. The wedding was so wonderful!