Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well, I wasn't sure earlier, but now I'm as sure as I can be that LeTexier is not a believer. We are now in the sex psychology unit in her class and today there was a discussion on sexual orientation.
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I am very concerned about the future of our world. I am very concerned about the impact secular psychology will have on the next generations. The Godless psychology. The whole homosexuality issue. People who are not Christians have no reason to think it wrong because it passes their man-made steps for morality.
*as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, it's not wrong.

I hate how the world is so structureless. I hate how it is so chaotic when it's left with just itself.

She says "Define normal."
No one can do it because "normal" is another way of describing "what we are supposed to be." The sensible way of doing things. The normal way. Normal seems to imply that it has peace. Without knowing it, she is asking "what are we supposed to be like?" "what is the normal, peaceful way of behaving?" She doesn't give time for us to think or answer of course because the point of asking "what is normal?" is to say that normal doesn't exist. ...if you think about it, she is saying God doesn't exist. That there are so absolutes. And believing that and believing God at the same time is impossible. Absolutley. If only she knew believing there are no absolutes is absolutely wrong!

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