Saturday, May 20, 2006

I had a dream last night. I was sitting somewhere and a guy came up with this golden retriver. I started petting it and rubbing it and saying how cute it was and then the guy starts breaking out in a song from Mary Poppins. I think the song was "Chim-Chimeney Chim-Chimeney Chim Chim Sharoo" but I'm not sure...anyway he started making a parody of it, changing the words to stuff about his dog...and it sounded incrediblely good! It was like my dream became a musical right there. He was very musically talented, and he started tap dancing around and everything...I wondered, "who is this guy!" Then, next scene I was with Chelsea and Heather from work and the guy, and Chelsea was organizing for the four of us to go on tour singing these songs and dancing around. We had already ordered these little green masks for us to wear while we were performing and everything. She was trying to get Mr. Gledhill to sign our feildtrip forms, lol. But Mr. Gledhill was in a bad mood and just said, "You really need to stop doing everything so last minute, I can't sign this!" So we were really bummed, and Chelsea was we just sat around and thought to ourselves, "Dang, the audience is really gonna miss out.." ...and that was it :) It was a very fun dream!


la dahlia said...

that's weird.

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