Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I have discovered something about myself. I LOVE learning. Maybe it's just since I've been to college, but everything has become so interesting. I love college because I can learn and I love learning because I feel like I can see TRUTH in all of its forms better, and better understand reality as a whole. Today I talked after class with my Astronomy teacher. Today was the first day that he taught (last week was a different teacher)...I could just tell he was one of those people that are REALLY smart. So smart, he doesn't have to make himself look smart. He was simply smart. Not just one of those people that knows just a whole bunch of facts...he actually knew concepts and was smart in a complete way. He showed us a picture of his family -- father of 9 kids! Anyway, he's smart. And he said something that blew my mind today! Time can be slowed down --for real. It's been proven: Take a pair of twins. Send one when he's 20 years old into space so he's going at light-speed. Meanwhile Twin "A" is down on earth, and it's been 15 years since his brother left. Twin "B" is in lightspeed, but time physically slows down...his heartbeat is even slower, but he doesn't feel anything...he feels everything is normal, and he talks at the same speed. He comes back two earth after only being at lightspeed for 2 or 3 years his time in space. His brother, twin "A" has aged and it now he's 35 years old, but twin "B" still looks young and he has only lived 3 years more, as opposed to the 15 that his brother has.
I don't really understand it completely, but it is real....time is not a constant. there are other dimensions. I didn't understand this at first, so I went up to Dr. Voss and this is what he explained to me! It makes so much more sense now to think that God is outside of time.


Rakel said...
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Rakel said...

wow, that is interesting about the time slowing down! About the learning thing I can relate, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed learning either until I began going to college! (yes, I got my layers clothing and sent you a check yesterday!)

Anonymous said...

That's trippy...sounds fun.