Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's Nice About Being Home:

1) No shower shoes........................
2) Mountains and lots of pretty pine trees!
3) Playing with cats and dogs
3) Little kids and old people and babies!! (aka: Jonathan)
4) Being walking-distance to civilization (yes, it is civilization)
5) Seeing cooler cars ~ aka: non-American cars....
6) REAL Mexican food...
7) Good food in general.
8) Sleeping in :)
9) More sophisticated looking people!
10) And of course...friends and family ;)


Rakel said...

So far what has been good about having you home...
1)decorating your room then scaring you to death!
2)walking downtown Leavenworth with you.
3)watching some good movies with you(The Painted Veil and Step Up).
4)eating good food with you at Happy Valley ( and DQ lol, j/k!)
5)cleaning the Perdews old house...
7)going to Pirates 3 with you!

Whoa...the list ain't that long! we better do something about that! :)

Ivory said...

So far what has been good about not being home with you...
1)I miss you more
2)I think about you more
3)I call you more
4)I pray for you more
5)I ..... *sigh*