Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick Story! (I wrote this on a back of a notecard!)

I love blood. There are so many different flavors of it. There's the sweet and sugary kind, the creamy milky kind, thick or thin--everyone has their own distinct flavor. I don't understand how humans can stop themselves from biting into their own flesh and sucking themselves dry--it just takes so good! Yes, blood is a beautiful thing. MMM! I think I smell some beautiful bloodiness coming my way now! Ahhh, delicious. Yes, some blood-beings are coming up the trail now!

"Babyyyyy, can we turn around? My legs are burning and they're all stratched up--thanks to you. Don't you want to see sexy legs, sugar pumpkin?"

Ah, yes, coming in full view. Now this is fine dining--the hairless skin, so much area to cover...the package is even partially opened for me! Red is my favorite color... Here it comes--steady...steady... GLIP! Gulp...gulp...gulp. Sweetness... :)

1 comment:

Rakel said...

oh that's totally me...a blood suckin insect...just waiting to suck out your life source...wah ha ha ha!