Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've come to believe that women generally care less and less about how they look the more they age. If you've ever seen those 16-year-old girls whose faces are so meticulously made-up, hair newly highlighted and cut in the latest style, preppy's obvious most girls go through a time where they care a lot about how they look.... Then it seems women get married (or not married) and just don't care as much. When does the turning point happen? I think it's when women realize men aren't worth the extra trouble. When a dolled up girl gets her heart broken, she just can't muster up the effort to get up that extra hour earlier and do her hair perfect for a guy again.

Or it's when the extra attention they're getting isn't the kind of attention they really want... Sometimes I think beautiful people have it the worst... The other day my mom was telling me about the time she spend in Thailand when she was in college. She was working with Cambodian refugees and there was a very beautiful Thai woman in the camp.....They found out she had been raped 8 times in the jungle on her way out of Cambodia. I hadn't thought about it before, but it seems like beauty could easily be a curse, especially in other countries with corrupt police.

What is it women are trying for when they spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on themselves, on their appearances...? I would guess, attention and respect. They want to feel of worth...of worth enough to be pursued and to be cared for. But it usually ends up the reverse...subjectivity, disrespect, and sometimes worse. It seems women strive to make men attracted to their appearance when they can't gain their attention or respect any other way...

I think of the pornography industry. I think many of the those woman thrive off of the power they have over the men that see them, and interpret a man's powerlessness as respect and admiration. But it is not the kind of respect that would make a man want to marry her, or cherish her, or protect her.....which I think is what the porn girls wish they had.

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Elizabeth said...

i think i'm going to end up almost doing it the other way around... as in, i wouldn't mind putting on makeup and getting all prettied up to go on a special date with my husband. ;)