Wednesday, February 04, 2009

goodbye milk

Well, I'm kind of sad. My mom called me last night, and said that she just got back from a nutrition meeting that she just started going to. Tonight's topic was about diabetes. If you didn't know already, my mom has type 1 diabetes, which means that her body doesn't produce any insulin at all. A type 2 diabetic produces some insulin, but not enough. My mom has had type 1 diabetes ever since I was born.

Anyways, she comes back from this nutrition meeting, and I guess they said there have been studies showing that cow's milk could cause type 1 diabetes. She also said that when I was a baby and getting weened off of breast milk and onto cow's milk, I developed a rash. I had to go on goat's milk, and then the rash slowly went away. So she thinks because of that, and this new study, and the fact that I'm more susceptible to it because of genes, that I should stop drinking milk.

Here is an article by Time Magazine about the milk-diabetes connection.

This news probably came at a good time, since I've just become more interested in soy milk and almond milk. But I really like milk. Especially in the mornings. So it'll be hard to give up, but this study is scaring me enough to do it. I just hope I don't have to give up cheese and ice cream too (heck, if that happens, I might as well go vegan)! My mom said she will find out next week... I don't know if I could though--that would be rough. If it turns out we shouldn't eat ice cream too, I think Caleb (my brother) would die... When he was at Taylor he would eat an ice cream cone at every meal. Huge ones. He had DQ skills at making the tallest ice cream cone. Anyway, that would be so sad for him. I can't even imagine. Caleb without ice cream...that's just wrong.


Ivory said...

ICE CREAM DEPRAVATION! OH NO! What has the world come to? :) That is so interesing about the milk and diabetes connection. Do you think that it effects type 2 also?

meeka said...

I don't know. What's weird is that when I looked it up online, some articles said that milk may PREVENT Type 2. So who knows!

Rakel said...

Oh meeka! I was just did a follow-up call with your mom today. :)

The new product Reliv has come out with is called Gluaffect. They did a clinical study on it for 8 weeks. It is for people with abnormal blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and high triglycerides, and abdominal weight. After the study was done ppl got amazing results. My both of my Gpa's are diabetic and they are both taking this product. It takes time though, but i havent' had to give me Gpa insulin this whole week, he's been taking it for over a month.
And i just got my Lifestyle magazine from Reliv (it comes out every other month) there are some amazing stories of ppl who have been taking this in there!
The reason Reliv developed this product was because in the next few years diabetes can become the number one killer in the US instead of heart disease.

Liz Chang said...

oh no! no milk?! no ice cream??! I hope it doesn't come down to that too.