Monday, August 31, 2009

Snow White

Introducing my new lappy! It is an Acer Netbook. It's 11.6" and less than 3 pounds! I love it! My old computer died a while ago, so we decided to buy this with some of our wedding money. Only $349.99 and way better than my old huge laptop was. I love this because it is so portable, but it still has a full size keyboard. It is actually on the big side for a netbook since it has a full size keyboard, but I think it's perfect this way...not to big, but not to small. It's pretty exciting. :D

In other news, I confessed to Satterlee that I only read two of the twelve books...and I was relieved to hear his response: "Two books is better than none." Yay! So I don't think it's a big deal, which is such a relief. Sigh. :)

I've filled out applications for Tree of Life, and Starbucks so far. I'll probably turn them in tomorrow, if their managers are in. I like having the manager actually see my face when I apply places, so I'm not just a piece of paper when they consider me. :)

It's been so fun setting up the apartment with Paul! I put new shelf liner on in the kitchen and put some cute wallpaper up. It's a lot of work though! I don't have it all done, but getting closer. Our kitchen sink has a little leak that maintenance hasn't fixed yet...other than that, it's been pretty nice! I love having our own place! And I love my "roommate"!!! :D

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Ivory said...

Can you post pictures?