Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thanks for praying...because I'm going home in 2 weeks! yay!! I'm looking forward to it so much... we got tickets, I think it was like $560 round trip, so I think that's decent. I am looking forward to it so much. A new puppy, homemade food, parents, friends, snow hopefully, my own bed and room...ahhhhhh. I do miss leavenworth, lol. *Yes, my parents did come visit us (Dahlia lol), this is what happened, lol -- it was like the funnest days of my life practically. I just registered for classes here's what I'm going to be taking:
--Intro. to Astronomy, and the lab for it
Spring term
--Critical Approaches to Literature
--some computer class, and lab
--digital photography
--investigations in mathematics

and hopefully a spanish class, and some other class because the Poetry Writing class I wanted to take was full.


la dahlia said...

Hey, those classes actually sound somewhat interesting! Good choice! :D

Anonymous said...

omgosh, you're coming home!

meeka said...

yeah, I kinda like the classes too! and YEAH! I'm coming HOME!