Monday, November 27, 2006

well, I made it back to Taylor safely last night at around 11:30pm...we were planning on getting back at around 7 to Taylor but my flight to Atlanta was an hour late and I ended up missing my next flight by only about 10 minutes! So I hung out in the Atlanta airport for my new next flight for the next 5 hours, lol! I finished two books and read 20 chapters of Psalms, had a chai, and 2 bread sticks and tried some free samples at Bath and Body works, and got way beyond my fill of people watching. It was so good to finally get out of there! I was running low on cell phone batteries so I couldn't call anyone and just talk for fun, or play games on my cell phone -- that was a bummer! Then when I got back I had to work with my partner on a presentation I had to give this morning in my literature class at 9am, so I was up 'til like 3am. And I heard it snowed 8 inches today! in Washington. I watched part of a football game today while I was working out because the Seahawks were playing! And I've never before cared about them until this day. I was actually emotional attachted to the game. It was snowing on the field too :)

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Anonymous said...

I miss you already...we had a good time, huh?