Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet your Meat

I know this video is really hard to watch, but it will change your life. Paul and I rented this in the DVD version from the library over was like 15 minutes long. I'm glad it wasn't any longer. I've never considered myself a full vegetarian, but now I'm finding myself unable to eat meat even if I tried. It's just so sad. I'm not even a real animal lover. But these animals are God's creation. God created them even before he created humans. And he has placed them under our stewardship. I'm not saying it is wrong to eat meat. But I do believe it is wrong to mistreat animals as this video displays. Even if they are going to be killed for meat, they shouldn't be tortured until their death.


Rakel said...

yeah that is true, i agree!!! so i'm curious, how were you able to watch the bloody parts?

meeka said...

Some parts, I just closed my eyes or squinted and just's pretty graphic.