Friday, December 11, 2009

10 sales on Etsy!

I've reached a milestone today, you guys. Today, I made my tenth sale on Etsy! It's a small milestone, yes, but still a milestone--dangit! My mom has been thinking about opening up an Etsy, because she makes jewelry at her job, and she could easily sell it online. She's still thinking about it, but I hope she does, because that would such a fun thing to do together!

We are thinking about flying home for Christmas. Paul's parents have some airmiles, and so we could get pretty cheap tickets if we wanted to. Still haven't decided yet. It would be fun, but it is kind of silly since we'll be back in WA about four weeks after Christmas anyway. We'll see. The way it works with the free air miles is that we would have to fly out from Chicago, so we'd have to take a bus, or get someone to let us park our car somewhere for break. So anyways, that may or may not happen!

Parnassus this year is coming along nicely, but I'm sad I won't be there for the release party in February. Oh well, they better mail me a copy though! I've been working on the layout along with the other girl, and it is very time consuming but fun. I realized I know nothing about Macs or InDesign. I'm learning a little though.

Raquel, I got your Christmas card in the mail today! So cute! I'm waiting to open it till Christmas though. :)

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'Quel said...

Oh I'm so glad you got it! :-)
And congratulations, Miss Meeka! That's fantastic!