Friday, January 08, 2010

almost done with college

A few days ago, I posted on my facebook something about almost being done with college, and after I posted, I had the sinking feeling that I might have spelled the word college wrong. I immediately typed it into Google, and was relieved to know that I did indeed spell it right. Whew! But seriously, I was worried. Almost graduating college without knowing how to spell it? That would be bad, not to mention embarrassing. But, my good old brain got it right. (Go it!). I don't know why it doubted itself.

Since Paul and I are so close to graduating, we are anticipating all the changes/challenges that are coming. Over Christmas break in Washington (we did get to go back, and it was great!), we found a duplex to rent in Wenatchee, and it's so nice to have that done and ready for us when we get back. We found it through a guy that goes to our church. We met with the Landlord, who is a really nice older guy, and we met our neighbor, Terry, who is really nice too. I just have a really good feeling about it, and I'm so excited to actually be able to use all the stuff we got from the wedding when we move in! Paul and I have really been bare-bones-ing it here--we have a total of three bowls, five plates,'s been interesting!

But before we move in, we need to drive across the country to get there. I am SO excited for this. Paul, not so much, but I think it will be such a fun adventure! We got snow tires on the car yesterday, and it makes such a difference. I think the first challenge we are going to run into is seeing if we can get everything into our car. We don't want to put anything on top of it or drag anything behind it, since it will kill our gas mileage and be more difficult in the snow. So, we've been trying to get rid of stuff. It doesn't feel like we have that much, but I think we have more than will fit in our car. The big thing is selling our mattress, and then getting rid of our desk chairs and little Taylor dresser. Any takers? :)

The next step will be finding jobs once we get there, which is probably the biggest and most important challenge. I've been applying places that I can online, but it's really not as effective as in-person. Pray that God will provide good jobs for us!

Right now, we are focused on graduating. I'm a little surprised at the workload for English Capstone. We have 30+ pages of reading every day, and have to do annotations on 5 of the readings, plus lead group discussion, and meanwhile revise our papers, and prepare for our final presentations. Basically, I have tons to do this next week, since I am presenting next Monday. But after that, I'm pretty much home free. Also, I signed up for a Directed Research to finish up my Psych minor, so that will be more work, but hopefully I can handle it!

Oh, on the Senior Project...I got paired with Steve for peer review, and I was amazed to hear so many of his comments be the exact opposite of what my adviser's were! Like several major things that my adviser thought were bad, Steve thought were really good. So it was very encouraging, to say the least. Oh, and I'm a little bit put off that for the professor reviews at the end of the year, they don't do them for senior project advisers. I don't get it.

I think I learned a lot last semester that it's not my responsibility to please everyone. It is a good and freeing lesson to learn. I'm sure I'll have to relearn it throughout my life, but, like Paul always says, "that's life!"

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