Monday, March 01, 2010


There's not much new, but I feel like posting anyway.

I went to a baby shower after church today, and I got to talking to someone about birth control. I'm on the pill, and she told me I need to be careful about getting enough zinc, especially when I go off the pill. She said zinc is really important in the early stages of making a baby, and so some women who get pregnant right when they go off the pill sometimes have miscarriages. I hadn't heard that before, so it kind of got me freaked out. I got home and researched it more, and found this interesting site. It basically says the pill depletes like a million of your nutrients, which isn't too surprising, but it really motivated me, and I went and took like 7 vitamin pills afterwards. I drank some MonaVie too, which is this health drink we have. I think I just need to be more aware of my health while on the pill, and start taking a multi-vitamin. On the website, it said it's especially important for vegetarians and vegans to take a zinc supplement, both women and men.

The other thing I've been thinking a lot about today is teaching. I've always said I don't want to be a teacher, but lately I've been considering. I just have no clue if I'd be any good at it, or if I'd like it at all...I just don't know. But I feel better at least thinking about it, and not closing that door to God. I've mostly been considering being a 6th grade language arts teacher. I can see it being fun, but I have no clue how it would actually be. Basically, I'm still pretty against it at this point, but I am opening the door to God if he is leading me there.

OH! I forgot to tell you about George Fox! Paul and I went down to Newberg, Oregon this weekend, and Paul had his interview at George Fox. It was a really great day. We got to meet all the other 18 interviewee's, and all the professors. Paul felt really good about his interview--better than both Fuller and Rosemead. It seems like a really great program, and a really great community. I think George Fox is my preference, for sure. I really like the town of Newberg too, and it's only 25 minutes from Portland--where there are publishing companies! There are quite a few publishing companies in Portland, and it would be totally sweet to get to work for one. It might not work out, but I'm definitely going to shoot for it. Paul will hear if he got accepted at George Fox in two weeks, and the others will tell him by April 1st. I can't wait to see what happens.


Ivory said...

Marika. I havent read your blog in forever until today. :) I love you and can't wait to catch up on the phone or in person. :D

Rakel said...

You should talk to my friend who is a vet who understands birth control and what it does to your body, she educated my mom about it, even though my mom never took birth control my parents did other natural means and they didn't even have me for 5 years after they were married.