Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night I had a dream that I had a really cute baby girl! Haha! She had really big cheeks, and never cried. Whenever I have baby dreams, I always dream that I forget to bring a camera to the hospital and don't get any pictures of the baby just born. I also dreamt that I forgot to get the baby's weight.

Anyways, in the dream, I was walking with my mom somewhere and we had a lot of luggage we were carrying with us. Suddenly, this creepy guy comes up to me (with icky teeth), and asks if he could hold my baby. I said, "No!" and hurriedly walked away. Then we got to a safe place on the street, and I looked at my baby, and realized for the first time how precious and helpless and dependent on me she was. And what a gift God had given me. It was a spiritual and emotional experience, even as a dream.

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