Monday, September 06, 2010

Update from Pasadena

We made it to Pasadena yesterday! We left Washington on the 1st, and stayed the night at Paul's grandma's house in Corvallis, OR...then drove all the way down to San Fran area to Paul's other grandparents' house in Hillsborough, CA the next day. We spent three nights there hanging out with them, and Paul's aunt's family, then made the final trek down to Pasadena yesterday morning.

I was so curious to see what our apartment would look like because I hadn't seen ANY pictures of it, except from what we could see on google earth of the outside. All we had seen besides that was the floor plan, but no actual pictures of the place. So as we opened the door Paul said, "Let's see where we're going to live for at least the next 6 months!"

And I must say it is better than I expected! It's bigger than anything we've had before (which isn't much! haha). The carpet looks new, and looks like there is new paint. There is bathroom counter space--OMG! And drawers and shelves and a mirror shelf--GAH! For some reason we've never lived in a place where the bathroom had any storage whatsoever. So. This is a big deal. The kitchen has more space than we've ever had before, too, so that is super awesome as well. We have cupboards and drawers now that we don't have anything to fill them with!

Anyway, you get the idea. I freaked out like this for a while. Did I mention, we have a pool? It's small, but it goes to eight feet deep, so it doesn't seem so small.

We've meet a couple people so far. There are a lot of Koreans! I don't know if it's just in our complex or what, but the majority of people I've seen are Korean! (Liz, you should tell your dad that--lots to pick from! :P )

They don't have free toilet paper like they do at Taylor, so yesterday we went on a hunt to get TP! I really had to go. We drove around for a while and got lost. Eventually plugged in the GPS to find a Trader Joes--because we knew one existed here. Got there. No parking. I got out to run to the toilet. Phew. Now to buy toilet paper. No toilet paper. Bought a bunch of other yummy healthy stuff. Went to find a new grocery store. Saw a Whole Foods. Went into their PRIVATE UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE. Found parking. Went in. Had to go up an elevator to the other half of the store. Found TP. Found TP that was $5 for 4 rolls. Went back down the elevator without TP. Left the parking garage, and kept driving. Found a place called Ralphs. Wasn't sure if it was a grocery store. Went in to their normal parking lot. Went in. Normal grocery store. Found TP! Bought TP $6.29 for 12 rolls that say they are actually 24 rolls. Signed up for a Ralphs Club Card. Went home. Had to go again.
Moral of the story: Taylor is smart and nice for having free TP.

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E. Seyoon C. said...

haha yes! I definitely laughed out loud when i read the comment about all the koreans! and wow, we bought 24 rolls for like $6 here! i guess toilet paper is pretty expensive in cities though... check out some wholesale stores - bulk purchases for cheap! :)

ill be applying for fuller in the next few months! aah!