Wednesday, May 12, 2010

fun day

I hung out with Rachel most of today, and we went shopping and found this most amazing antique store, with a ton of beautiful old books!

I found a precious old book from 1909 called "Widow's Wisdom," which is full of cute little "proverbs" about life and accompanied by quirky illustrations. I'll share some of my favorites so far:

~ "Don't take anything too seriously; not life nor love nor even yourself. As long as you can laugh, you control the situation; when you can no longer do that, some one else is laughing."

~ "There would be few marriages declared failures if both men and women would make half the effort to appear attractive, clever and amiable after marriage that they did before."

~ Place most confidence in the lover who has most difficulty in telling his love."

~ "Men who think women are angels do not know them well; but men who think them devils, do not know them at all."

~ "Virtue comes very easily to those who possess no other attractions."

~ "Don't imagine that marriage is the aim and end of existence. It is only the beginning -- too many women begin to corrode with rust when the honeymoon is over."

That's all for now. :) Enjoy! And goodnight.

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E. Seyoon C. said...

funny quotes - i like the first one... gosh, do you remember the ridiculous things we laughed over when we were roommates??

by the way, i've got a new blog! haha i know, i know i've basically had a new one every summer... but i'm sure this is the one that'll last! ;)