Sunday, June 06, 2010


So, I'm staring at our fish. Did I tell you we got a fish? We did. I bought it at Craft Warehouse out of pity. We sell these beta fish for five bucks in these little cups that are have full, and the fish just lay there and several die daily. Then we flush them down the toilet. So, I decided I'd buy one of these poor little guys, and give it a better life.

But Paul and I have this problem with spending money on pets (sorry Raquel). Basically, we just find it a little disgusting how some people spend so much money on their pets while there are real people who are in need and worth so much more. I'm thinking of those ladies who carry around chihuahuas and buy them clothes, and special dog baskets, and nail polish, and blah, blah, blah.

So, we decided we wouldn't buy anything for the fish except food and a scooper thing for getting him out. We named him Prince Kaboo (after Samuel Morris) and stuck him in the biggest vase we have, and I stole some rocks from my neighbors flower bed to put in the bottom. We're feeding him freeze-dried bloodworms, and I have no idea what those things are, but our fish is so hyper now, it's scary. His colors are getting more vibrant every day it seems.

All that to say that our fish is thriving, and it's made me think about how much our environments can change our ability to thrive. I put in my notice the other day that I'm quitting at Craft Warehouse. I'm going to work at Prey's Fruit Barn again this summer, and I can't wait! I won't go into details about why I don't like working at the craft store, but basically I'm amazed at how the management can change a work environment. So, I'm going back to Prey's and I can't wait for them to open. It will be more hours and higher pay, and I will get to see Paul more because it's in Leavenworth. So I can't wait!

But I am glad for the time I've had at Craft Warehouse because I've learned a lot about card making and jewelry making, and I really enjoy doing those things. So it wasn't all a loss. :) Those skills I can take with me the rest of my life!

So, in a week I'll be done at the craft store, and then Paul and I and my whole family will be driving down to Cannon Beach in Oregon for a little vacation. I can't wait for that, too! And in about 2 months, it will be Paul and I's one year anniversary! Wow! I'll have to do a blog post when it comes about that time. :P


'Quel said...

It's okay! I know, I get disgusted with people who spend buttloads of money on their animals. I don't skimp if my animals need something like medical care, or quality food, but I don't go nuts either. No clothes or handbags for them! ;-)

E. Seyoon C. said...

thriving is so much better than surviving!